Yeshiva Program of Los Angeles

A place for post high school bochurim in LA

YPLA is the place to be for all post high school bochurim and young balebatim in LA.  Our yeshiva is built and uniquely designed for college and working men both single and married.  Come join us for the whole morning, or choose from our amazing roster of shiurim.

Learn with Rabbi Eliyahu Heller, Rabbi Mendy Millman, Rabbi Tzvi Stern & Rabbi Ahron Becker.

To learn more, contact YPLA Director Rabbi Eli Heller

YPLA IMPACT: hear what our participants are saying

"If YPLA did not exist, I might not be learning Torah every day."

"If it weren't for YPLA, there would be boys scattered throughout the LA area without a place to unite then and encourage them to learn Torah."

"My son is more comfortable with the idea of being a frum Jew in a secular society, he is more bonded to the Jewish community, he's more bonded to Torah. Isn't that what we all want for our children?"