Magen Avot

A Unique Sephardic Shul In The Heart Of Pico-Robertson

Congregation Magen Avot is a unique sephardic shul in the heart of Pico-Robertson.  It combines the authentic, hallowed flavor of timeless Moroccan customs with the vibrancy and scholarship of the classic yeshiva beit midrash.  That’s because its Rav is the multi-talented Rosh Kollel of LINK, Rabbi Mordechai Lebhar – a leading expert on Moroccan liturgy and minhagim as well as a first-rate talmid chacham and posek.  The shul is a warm community of aspiring Bnei Torah who maintain loyalty to the Torah of their sacred mesorah as well as to the glorious Moroccan traditions of yore.

Visit us in person

Magen Avot Congregation is located at:
9116 W Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Tel.  310.470.5465


Magen Avot Minyan Schedule


Monday through Friday:
6:50am Hodu
Sunday: 8:10am


Friday Night Mincha: Candlelighting time; Summers: 6:30pm
Shaharit: 8:45am  
Mincha: 15 minutes before that week’s candlelighting