Torah Learning for Collegiates

Learning, social events, and mentorship in a laid-back and non-judgmental atmosphere

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TLC is a program for young women in Los Angeles. Our goal is to help women from all different backgrounds grow and reach their potential in Judaism through learning opportunities, social programs, and mentorship in a laid-back and non-judgmental atmosphere. TLC meets each week on Tuesday evenings for a delicious dinner and inspirational one-on-one learning, and also features holiday celebrations and Shabbos experiences.

TLC is dedicated in loving memory of Daniella Lee Casper, a”h, by her parents Frank and Kerri Lee. Daniella was a person who knew who she was, what she wanted, and what was right, and she was never afraid to just be herself. She personified emes; she was totally authentic. She cared deeply about her Yiddishkeit and saw every day as a new opportunity for personal spiritual growth. She was simultaneously the frum young woman dedicated to learning, mitzvot, and chesed, and the charming, chic, and proficient CPA. With her beautiful smile and genuine warmth, she made everyone she met feel welcome and accepted. May we be inspired by this special and remarkable person.