Rabbi Moshe Brull

Rabbi Brull serves as assistant Rabbi and delivers the Gemara in Kup shiur. Rabbi Brull was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and attended Talmudical Academy for Elementary and Middle School, after which he studied in the Mesivta of Long Beach, New York for High School and three years thereafter. Rabbi Brull continued his studies in Ner Moshe Yeshiva in Givat Shaul, Yerushalayim, before continuing his studies at Bais Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, New Jersey. During Rabbi Brull’s final two years in Lakewood he also had the privilege to be a Rebbi in Yeshivas Keser Ohr. In 2019, after nine years in Lakewood, Rabbi Brull moved to Los Angeles and joined Gindi Maimonides Academy as a middle school Rebbi. Rabbi Brull, his wife Hindy (nee Shapiro) and their 5 children are blessed to be a part of the Pico community. Rabbi Brull is a member of the Teachers on Fire Mechanchim Kollel and delivers the Gemara in Your Kup morning shiur in Link Kollel. Additionally, he has been actively involved in beginning numerous community and school learning initiatives.