Rabbi Menashe Rashti

Rabbi Rashti is one of the longest-serving and most popular members of our Kollel.  While it may be hard to believe, Rabbi Rashti (native of Iran) did not begin his formal Torah learning in earnest until his late 20’s, after graduating from UCLA and working as a management consultant. Before coming to LINK in 2011, he learned in Kollel Beit Yosef in the Valley under Rav Shlomo Tubul and also at the Chassidishe Kollel in La Brea.

Besides learning the morning and afternoon sedarim with the other Avreichim at LINK, he has given many popular classes in the evenings, as well as learned  with a large and  eclectic group of people.  He is especially well-versed in areas of Jewish Mysticism (Kabbalah) and Sephardic Halacha.  Together with his wife, Mrs. Sarah Rashti, they have made their home into a wide-open and warm oasis for Hachnosas Orchim, chizuk, counseling and shidduchim.  In her “spare” time, Mrs. Rashti is the Assistant Administrator at LINK.