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NEW! Mrs. Estie Rand: “The Power of Influence & How To Fight It” @ TLC on 1/2/18


Part I “Distinguishing Knowledge” @ TLC on 3/1/16

Part II “Transmission: Is the Torah Accurate?” @ TLC on 3/8/16

Part III “Outside Verification: Science & Torah Meet” @ TLC on 5/3/16

Part IV “Codes: The Hidden Genius in the Torah” @ TLC on 5/10/16

Part V “The Seven Wonders of Jewish History” @ TLC on 6/14/16

Part VI “Control: G-d’s Hand in History” at TLC on 12/6/16


Rabbi Shmuel Bloom: “Am Echad Lev Echad: Deepening Our Understanding of Life in Israel for Our Brothers and Sisters” @ TLC on 10/20/15

Rabbi Avrohom Czapnik: “Rebuilding the Temple: Transforming the World One Day At A Time” @ TLC on 7/21/15 (you will need to copy and paste this link in order to listen to the audio)

Ms. Penina Fox: “The Value of Hard Work: Try, Try, & Try Again… Even If You Don’t Succeed” @ TLC on 6/28/16

Rabbi Benjamin Geiger: “The Number 8 & True Relationships” @ TLC on 4/21/15

Rabbi Benjamin Geiger: “On Terror, Slavery, & Dwelling in Tents: How Do We Cope With & Respond To the Situation in Israel?” @ TLC on 10/27/15

Dr. Yehuda Gertel: “Prayer: G-d’s 1-800 Help Line” @ TLC on 2/2/16 

Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg: “Seeing the Beauty in Life & Having the Courage to Change” @ TLC on 11/3/15

Rabbi Yisroel Gordon: “Love, Humility, and … Chutzpah? Understanding the Prayers of Avraham Avinu” @ TLC on 11/15/16

Rabbi Daniel Grama: “Soaring to Greater Heights” @ TLC on 10/1/13

Rabbi Daniel Grama: “How To Develop Long Lasting Relationships: Timeless Wisdom from Our Sages” @ TLC on 5/5/15

Rabbi Daniel Grama: “The Snowflakes Are Melting: Dealing with Our Daily Challenges” @ TLC on 1/10/17

Rabbi Dovid Horowitz: “Know Thyself: The Secret to Self-Esteem & Discovering the G-dly Image Within” @ TLC on 12.13.16

Rabbi Yitz Jacobs: “The Lost Art of Feminine Power” Part II @ TLC on 4/14/15

Rabbi Yitz Jacobs: “Putting It All Out There; Exploring the Spiritual Dangers of Living Online” @ TLC on 11/8/16

Mrs. Shirley Lebovics: “Dating 101: Strategies for Success” @ TLC on 9/9/14

Mrs. Renee Mill: “Being the Right Self” @ TLC on 1/26/16

Rabbi Menachem Nissel: “The Devil Wears Prada” @ TLC on 2/19/14

Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov: “Self Esteem, Self Respect, & Seeing the Greatness in Others” @ TLC on 11/18/14

Mrs. Estie Rand: “A Life in Balance: Finding Time for Self, Work, Family, & Friends” @ TLC on 12/29/15

Mrs. Estie Rand: “Ideal to Reality: Practical Strategies to Reach Your Goals” @ TLC on 8/9/16

Mrs. Estie Rand: “Lines in the Sand: Creating Appropriate Boundaries in Relationships” @ TLC pool party on 8/30/16

Mrs. Leah Richeimer: “The Joy of Connecting” @ TLC’s Challah Bake on 8/2/16

Mrs. Shana Rubin: “How Can We Learn to Take Ourselves Out of Ourselves & Improve Our Interpersonal Relationships” @ TLC on 12/1/15

Mrs. Sharon Shenker: “Expectations in Dating: Knowing What You Want & How To Get It” @ TLC on 7/28/15

Mrs. Sharon Shenker: “Boundaries: Where To Draw the Line” @ TLC on 5/17/16

Mrs. Sharon Shenker: “Building Resilience As a Jewish Woman” @ TLC on 9/6/16

Rabbi Elchanan Shoff: “No Worries! The Torah Insight Into Peace of Mind & Handling Worries in a Healthy Way” @ TLC on 7/7/15

Rabbi Elchanan Shoff: “What It Means to Really Care for Another Person” @ TLC on 12/9/14

Mrs. Chana Silver: “Carpe Diem: Understanding Our Exceptional Role in Life & Creating & Reaching for New Realities” @ TLC on 8/7/14

Mrs. Chana Silver: “Precious Life; Precious Me” @ TLC on 8/24/16

Rabbi Eli Stern: “Shalom Bayis: Understanding & Accepting Gender Role Differences” @ TLC on 5/26/15

Rabbi Eli Stern: “Am I Ready To Get Married? The Real Purpose of Marriage & How to Prepare Myself” @ TLC on 7/5/16

Rabbi Avi Stewart: “Bitachon & Emunah: Responding to Real Life Problems with Real Life Solutions” @ TLC on 2/17/15

Rabbi Avi Stewart: “Mindfulness: The Torah’s Perspective of Today’s Fastest Growing Application” @ TLC on 1/12/16


Ms. Penina Fox: “Making Rosh Hashana Meaningful: Building A Relationship with Hashem” @ TLC on 9/8/15

Rabbi Avraham Stulberger: “Reclaiming G-d As King: Putting Ourselves in the Mindset for the Day of Judgment” @ TLC on 9/1/15

Rabbi Avraham Stulberger: “Preparing for the Day of Judgement” @ TLC on 9/20/16


Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn: “The Night the King Could Not Sleep; Purim Perspectives That Will Wake You Up…Forever” @ TLC on 2/24/15


Rabbi Asher Brander: “The Top 10 Divrei Torah for the Pesach Seder” @ TLC on 3/24/15

Rabbi Yisroel Gordon: “Back to the Future: Riding the Matzah Time Machine” @ TLC on 3/21/17

Rabbi Avraham Stulberger: “Self Awareness Through the Freedom of Passover” @ TLC on 4/5/16