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Give The Greatest Gift: 

The Merit of 18 Hours Of Continuous Torah Study!

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Whether for  a family member, a friend or oneself, the merit that accrues from sponsoring a whole day and night of Torah learning at LINK  (dozens of chavrusos and class participants) is priceless.

Days will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis for this year (5777). The name you submit will be prominently posted in our Beis Medrash and be on the lips of our Rabbis. 

Please contact Mrs. Sarah Amar at 310-470-5465 or office@linkla.orgborum.

Invoke The Merit Of  A Day’s Learning At LINK for:

  • The elevation of a loved one’s soul on a Yahrzheit
  • A refuah sheleimah for those who are ill
  • Parnossa for those in  need
  • Success with finding a shidduch or in bearing children
  • Assistance in overcoming personal challenges
  • Blessings on a birthday

Sponsorship availabilities